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More signs of a fall election
Posted: Oct 02, 2005
Last seen: Jan 12, 2010

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Well, looks like the Tories are ready to campaign.  Just another sign that an election is going to be held this fall.

But when will it be?  If the Tories wait until the first Gomery report due out November 1st (a Tuesday) to get a vote of no confidence then the earliest an election could be would be December 26th.

That would mean campaigning over the holidays.  Even if they manage to get a vote sooner they will be seen as forcing an election without any cause since the report would not have been out, and the campaign could still go into December.  In any event it looks like they will be losing seats to both the NDP and the Liberals.

It looks like Harper is grasping at straws to hold onto his leadership now.  Maybe that is why MacKay is taking his time deciding what to do.  When Harper crashes he should have a fairly easy time winning a leadership race.  As long as the next federal elections takes place well enough before the Nova Scotia election that MacKay can still run for the PC leadership there if Harper doesn't fail, it looks like it is wise for him to stay where he is.

Since it looks like the Conservatives will get trampled in a federal election, could it be the Peter MacKay supporters that are pushing for the early election?  Thus when Harper fails, MacKay takes over as leader?  Could be.


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