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Posted: Dec 04, 2008
Last seen: Jan 12, 2010

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As much as I dislike Harper, I think proroguing Parliament was the correct choice.  Unfortunately it now sets the precedence and every minority leader will turn to prorogue when about to lose a vote of no confidence.

Of course this means there will be about 10 Liberal or Bloc MPs who will soon find a lot of money coming their way in the next 7 weeks as Harper bribes them over to the Cons.

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comment by: Rob
Why was it the correct choice for a prime minister to avoid facing the House, and to continue governing when its confidence in him is in such question?
comment by: Peter
Quite simply, there is a process in which confidence can be shown (or not shown). Harper has not taken away the other's ability to do this, he has simply postponed their earliest opportunity. And realistically he can not do this indefinitely.

The GG's other choice was to not prorogue, thus taking advice from the opposition, an opposition who had recently voted confidence in Harper. That is not her role, she takes advice from the PM, not the opposition, and Harper is the PM until he's defeated, resigns, etc.

This whole incident once again enforces two of my main peeves with this new Conservative party. Firstly, inconsistency. As I have previously mentioned, why is it a 12 year old is mature enough to be responsible for murder or other crimes, yet a 15 year old is not mature enough to decide who he/she wishes to sleep with? Well, look at the current situation. Harper claims that a PM should not have the right to call elections whenever, he even created a law preventing him from doing so. A law he later broke. Yet, Harper believes that a PM should be able to prorogue anytime. A PM should either have the power or not. Itís not something to be turned on and off at his convenience.

Which leads me to #2, the number of outright lies Harper tells. He has called the coalition illegal, he has called them unelected. Neither of these things are even remotely true, yet Harper prays on the ignorance of the public to help keep him in power.

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