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Congrats Harper
Posted: Dec 11, 2008
Last seen: Jan 12, 2010

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On another promise well kept.


Harper is apparently planning to fill the Senate with unelected senators.

Let me reitterate that I fully support this, I love the appointed Senate.  It has a memory and they are not influenced by election promises.

So although I fully support this action, it just makes me ever so less likely to ever vote for Harper, since he has once again shown himself to be lying with every breath he takes.

Let me ask you a very simple question.  What does Harper stand for?

You can't answer this, because he lies so much.  Broken election promise?  Sure, it happens, it is unavoidable.  But if I were to ask you his stance on taxes what would you say?  You may want to ask some of the people who lost over 35 billion on his Income Trust lie.

What about fixed election dates?  Has Harper set an election date forr the next election yet?  Appointing Senators?  Wait for it.

What about a smaller government or fiscal management?  Chretien had a cabinet size of 23, they (the Liberals) balanced the budget and brought a level to grwth to Canada like it had never seen.  Harper, in the middle of a recession and facing a huge deficit, increased his cabinet by 10 members, to the LARGEST government Canada has ever seen, increasing their (the Conseravtive's) payroll by over $1,000,000!  They (the Cons) also spent over 2 million dollars on public image consulting.  Your tax dollars well spent?

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