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Global Warming Soon
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by: kilkee on Apr 09, 2007

Global Warming soon


James Bredin

The new global-warming religion has really caught hold,
They say that well all burn in hell long before we get too old,
As I look outside this April day at a foot of wind blown snow,
And listen to apocalyptic misinformation as it grows.

About the oncoming biblical plague soon to arrive,
Rising seas, severe drought and maybe none of us left alive,
Dire warnings about this oncoming global affliction,
Is it possible that all these prophets are full of fiction?

In actual fact, I wish this global warming would hurry up,
These seven-month Canadian winters are more than enough,
I just hope their Kyoto Protocol religion is not flawed?
These doomsayers are not exaggerating and pulling a fraud.

Monday, April 09, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Apr 16, 2007

The Cult of Climate Change


James Bredin

Pay attention to the activists and they may drive you mad,
Their global-warming and climate-change cults are the new fad,
As they shout and scream that hunger and misery will be widespread,
That were facing an apocalyptic future and we may end up dead.

Certain species such as frogs may be extinct in sixty years,
You too may be dead by then so we should have no fears,
And theres no need for dialogue because they know the score,
Its a new godless religion that weve never heard of before.

The rainforest may be gone so dont forget to donate now,
As much money as you dare or your partner will allow,
And were all in this together so jump on their wagon,
They have this evangelistic faith of a fire breathing dragon.

Increased drought and water scarcity will lead to lots of hunger,
And we better do something now because were not getting younger,
The sea will rise up and flood the land so you should buy a boat.
And if you believe any of this you are definitely a goat.

Monday, April 16, 2007

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