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We need a dictator or a strongman
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by: kilkee on Jun 10, 2007

We need a dictator or a strongman


James Bredin

We have areas where they fight, kill, do drugs, sh*t and urinate,
Believe it or not, none of this comes up for official debate,
Homeless criminals with Charter Rights who cannot be charged,
Because, in our left-wing media, this issue is supercharged.

Canít be extradited, deported, convicted or sent to jail,
Goody-two-shoe pro bono legal aid lawyers arrange their bail,
As the area decays around them and no one even cares,
The broken-window theory cannot be launched and so no repairs.

While panhandlers and drug addicted activists make demands,
And politicians tend to obey their orders like commands,
And the overtaxed people are led around like a herd of sheep,
Being led quietly to the slaughterhouse where itís too late to weep.

We need a dictator or a strongman and we need him soon,
Before left-wing political correctness becomes our doom,
We need someone to counteract our slide straight into hell,
Someone to put the people who deserve it, straight into a cell.

We need someone now that we can respect to put things right,
Some law and order guy or girl to shine a big bright light,
Or are we all Ė politicians and judges -- about to find out?
What real social chaotic conditions are all about.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

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