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UN Politicians
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by: kilkee on Oct 13, 2007

UN Politicians


James Bredin

The UN panders and pampers all pompous politicians,
So they feel comfortable in their far-flung peculiar conditions,
Claiming that soft power and peacekeeping might save their day,
So go to Serbia, Afghanistan or Africa right away.

UN bureaucrats want to stick their nose in what they call failed states,
So they call them rogue regimes devoid of democratic debates,
Dozens of dictators who want to stay all their lives and rule,
Mugabe of Zimbabwe is an example of those in this school.

The UN got us into Afghanistan but now, how do we get out?
Of roadside bombs where suicide Taliban types walk about,
Where there are no battlefields but the fighting doesn’t stop,
Where poppy farmers are delighted with their good opium crop.

The UN also wants our troops over in Darfur right away,
We’ll find it on the map of Africa without much delay,
Or they want our troops in Somalia said another UN man,
But our troops are already up to their necks in Afghanistan.

And too many of our troops are sent in coffins home,
Not because of bloody battlefields but UN pattern syndrome,
Where armies have come and gone since Alexander the Great,
It’s in the cards that we will leave but why is it not up for debate?

Friday, October 12, 2007

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