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Dying with dignity
Reply to this post Start a new thread
by: kilkee on Nov 05, 2007

Dying with Dignity


James Bredin

We can choose abortion, same-sex marriage but not the type of death,
We have no freedom of choice at the end of our lives on our last breath,
Righteous ethics of the indignant have banned euthanasia for life,
They believe they themselves will never suffer or have any strife,

Confronting this legal and ethical dilemma is hard,
They want those inclined arrested and put behind the bars,
The right to die is not listed in Trudeauís Charter of Rights,
No politician will touch this issue of the real last rites.

So someone has to bring this challenge to the Supreme Court,
Though he or she may be dead by then in pain and got no support,
If Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Oregon can have it now,
We should have euthanasia too now and without a row.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 06, 2007

Euthanasia 2


James Bredin

Why should you tell me that euthanasia is both illegal and banned?
What about Charter Rights or human rights in this land?
The obituaries are filled with the names of people who have died,
Many with pain and suffering and with little input or pride.

Euthanasia is just a way to rearrange the timing of death,
Change the schedule of when you will breathe your very last breath,
No big deal except in the agenda and timing of events,
No need to get worked up about what this represents.

Analysing death decisions is not about heaven or hell,
Itís about pain, degradation, deprivation and deaths knell,
Should I apologize for causing you to think about this?
Euthanasia is legal for both the Dutch and the Swiss.

Monday, November 5, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 08, 2007

Euthanasia 3


James Bredin

Our freedom ends when we cannot determine how we die,
And our so called Charter of Rights means nothing and we canít ask why,
Religion, ethics and moral codes prevent our self determination,
The elitists feel that it might interfere with our salvation.

Sue Rodriguez was helped to die quickly with Lou Gehrigís disease,
With euthanasia, though the courts and politicians were not pleased,
Sanctimonious appointees couldnít get it through their heads,
Only a matter of time before they too are on their deathbeds.

Choosing your moment of death is not an easy decision,
Especially when the court appointees look down on you with derision,
As you struggle on with a disease approaching painful death,
Squirming in agony just before it takes your last breath.

Those looking at deathís door have a different schedule of events,
They are not frightened by the courts or some politicianís two cents,
It seems the Dutch, the Belgians and the Swiss realize this,
But we are forbidden because the courts think we might be remiss.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 09, 2007

Euthanasia 4


James Bredin

Iíd like to delay my exit from this world for as long as I can,
But some real bad painful disease could interfere with my plan,
Because no one knows what cards theyíll be dealt in this life,
It could end painfully slow, full of conflict, friction and strife.

Therefore we are more than helpless in the greater scheme of things,
On our journey to hell or heaven to maybe wear those wings,
If we had euthanasia, we could pick a nice date to die,
But we are denied these arrangements and I donít know why.

Weíre not allowed a referendum to bring about change,
Politicians or judges of course, donít find this a little strange,
Maybe they think that they will never have this sticky situation,
They will live forever and not be bothered with this sensation.

Friday, November 9, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 11, 2007

Euthanasia 5


James Bredin

A choice between pain and a complete drugged vegetative state,
Approaching the end in this condition, unable to debate,
Death cannot be stopped; it can only be slightly postponed,
Or delayed in pain and depression while medically stoned.

Euthanasia is the right to die and avoid this extreme pain,
Tends to cause the pompous religious and politicians great strain,
It is an expression of individual freedom if allowed,
Though this is all denied by the special-interest crowd.

Forced to stay alive connected to tubes hooked up to a machine,
Could indeed be a form of torture bordering on the obscene,
People should not be forced to stay alive in intense pain,
Because some sanctimonious folk have a religious campaign,

Saturday, November 10, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 12, 2007

Euthanasia 6

Legalization for assisted suicide should be here soon,
As politicians dance around this issue and think theyíre immune,
Nor will they allow political recall so they can stay in power,
Referendums are forbidden too from their ivory tower.

Thatís recall, referendums and euthanasia -- all forbidden,
And those who want them legalized should stay out of sight and hidden.
And nothing should change according to these established elites,
The people themselves are merely numbers on their tax receipts.

This reigning pompous political hierarchy want no changes,
Also means no legal prostitution -- not even in stages,
They seem to think that maybe euthanasia will fade away,
They wont mention it if you wont and stay out of this fray.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


reply by: kilkee on Nov 14, 2007

Euthanasia 7


James Bredin

You have a right to do a lot of things except suicide and die,
Attempted suicide is a crime but if you succeed, its goodbye,
Because a dead person canít be charged with any offence,
Maybe his assistant can but none of this makes much sense.

But I think legal euthanasia should be a choice of ways to go,
In the long run it would no doubt save us some medical dough,
I realize of course that some folk think euthanasia is a curse,
We already have legal abortion killing babies, which is worse.

Physician assisted suicide should be made legal now,
But the righteous religious political elites will not allow,
Ministers and priests all claim that euthanasia is a sin,
This is going to be an uphill battle in order to win.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 16, 2007

Euthanasia 8


James Bredin

Euthanasia is a way to escape pain in life for a quiet death,
How to be a little creative about breathing your last breath,
But my dog and cat have more euthanasia rights than me,
Politicians of course would nod and smile and they would all agree.

Let me count the laws they should quickly and eventually change,
This is easier said than done I know but itís not all that strange,
Legalize grass, polygamy and euthanasia stuff,
Just change a few federal laws and that should be enough.

But churches, cults, ministers and priests want nothing to do with this,
Not like the modern Dutch, the Belgians or even the Swiss,
I realize of course that some folk think euthanasia is a curse,
But we already have legal abortion which is much worse.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 18, 2007

Euthanasia 9


James Bredin

We are not allowed to pick and choose when or where we will die,
You may be reluctant to think about this or even ask why,
You may have Trudeauís Charter Rights but it doesnít mean a thing,
If you contact Lou Gehrigís disease you are flying on one wing.

No one in history has figured out how to avoid death,
So dying is on our agenda and on this you can bet,
And then it gets worse because it gets closer every day,
Itís an oncoming uncontrolled disarray we canít delay.

But euthanasia could change the timing of our oncoming death,
It could give us some control as we approach our final breath,
A last chance to escape the pain of some terrible disease,
And making this ultimate decision could be a breeze.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


reply by: kilkee on Nov 19, 2007

Euthanasia 10


James Bredin

Our politicians are contemplating some legal change,
They want to amend some rules and laws as they rearrange,
Legalize grass, polygamy, prostitution but not euthanasia,
Like listening to a badly jazzed up musical fantasia.

Or being committed to a multicultural institution.
Knowing for sure that they will come up with the wrong solution,
Euthanasia at the moment is just another crime,
But abortion is not as ladies make arrangements all the time.

They can kill an innocent unborn baby in a womb,
Burn him or her, called pregnancy tissue, in the furnace room,
And then not be in the least perturbed by their holocaust scheme,
But euthanasia is still forbidden and the unborn donít scream.

Monday, November 19, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 21, 2007

Euthanasia 11


James Bredin

Those who have assisted suicides have all been punished when caught,
By the righteous and the indignant who are never distraught,
Because they believe that they are right and they will never suffer,
They will never get painfully sick or have to use a puffer.

They expect that they will die at home with their family around,
Everything peaceful, without pain on known familiar ground,
Why should anyone need euthanasia in a case like this?
Therefore, they say, ďDonít believe the Dutch, the Belgians or the Swiss.Ē

The right to life should also include the right of when to die,
And the right to seek assistance that they canít stop or deny,
Physician assisted suicide should be legal now,
But the righteous and religious elites will not allow.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 22, 2007

Euthanasia 12


James Bredin

They may tell you that they can control the pain but they will lie,
And by then you canít argue and you are soon going to die,
You are not allowed euthanasia in order to book out quick,
You are trapped on your death bed between God and old Saint Nick.

Sure they can put you into an induced medicated fog,
Close down your brain to that of a quiet docile underdog,
But they can do it to a fetus or a cat but not you,
Sue Rodriguez had to find assistance but she made do.

Though your painful days are numbered and your time is almost up,
Still the dreadful pain could linger for years and leave you all shook up,
With nothing to look forward to except a very painful death,
Referendums are not allowed about your approaching last breath.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 24, 2007

Euthanasia 13


James Bredin

Suicide may not be in your future but one never knows,
What kind of dreadful pain, hurt and sorrow comes or goes,
The last and least thing you think about is a painful death,
As you get closer to the time when you will breathe your last breath.

Of course you donít care about euthanasia because you wont die,
At least for years into the future and thatís the reason why,
Unless you come down with Lou Gehrigís disease God forbid,
Then all of a sudden, pain, disease and death in a takeover bid.

The empty rhetoric of our politicians could make us sick,
Could someone come up with a referendum system quick?
Letís legalize grass, prostitution, euthanasia and more,
We did it with liquor, gambling and abortion before.

Friday, November 23, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 26, 2007

Euthanasia 14


James Bredin

In Trudeauís Charter you have no rights to property or death,
And your right to life means little as you approach your last breath,
We have no right to euthanasia and we could die in great pain,
As politicians proclaim that things are great so why complain?

Why should we have to go to Switzerland for legal suicide?
Already abortion clinics kill babies all jokes aside,
Wonít legalize grass, prostitution, euthanasia -- they just refuse,
But legalized Sunday shopping, abortion, gambling and booze.

Why canít we have referendums or political recall?
In order to oblige our politicians to get on the ball,
But we the people were never mentioned in Trudeauís Charter,
We are like sheep being led down the road and weíre no smarter.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 28, 2007

Euthanasia 15


James Bredin

We are not equal until we eventually lie down and die,
And we cannot change the schedule as we wait to wave goodbye,
Without legal suicide or euthanasia we may wait in pain,
Or go to Switzerland where they donít ask you to explain.

We have no binding referendums as we wait to die,
We have no political recall so they continue to defy,
And those doctors who assist in suicides will all go to jail,
Put in there immediately and maybe given no bail.

We are not allowed euthanasia and the word is forbidden,
The idea of assisted suicide has to remain hidden,
Their media pompously proclaims this democracy of ours,
An illusion without referendums pushed by their powers.

Monday, November 26, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 29, 2007

Euthanasia 16


James Bredin

You will likely die alone in medicated state of confusion,
In hospital with no one around at your lifeís conclusion,
Me too and Iím not pleased about the way we have to wait to die,
Trapped in a painful seclusion and timetable we canít deny.

Your obituary wonít talk about your lonesome exit from life,
Theyíll say your family was around and there was no strife,
This after you suffering for years from some terrible disease,
No euthanasia offered even despite your desperate pleas.

Because itís illegal in this holier-than-thou land,
Without referendums, political recall and nothing planned,
But we have Charter Rights they say so therefore weíre all right,
Just donít try to reschedule your death in your sickly plight.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 30, 2007

Euthanasia 17


James Bredin

They say we have rights and freedom of choice but of course they lie,
About the rights of vulnerable people who just want to die,
End-of-life options are not allowed on our political agenda,
Euthanasia, political recall or binding referenda.

The myth of Canadian culture is a Trudeau Charter right,
With no rights to property or euthanasia anywhere in sight,
The people are not much different than a flock of mountain sheep,
They will go anywhere the sheppard leads them without a peep.

If this issue comes up they might send it to a committee,
But never with assisted suicide, which is a pity,
Weíve been told that this is democracy and that this is good,
No binding referendums, no recall and is this understood?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Nov 30, 2007

Euthanasia 18


James Bredin

Those listed in the obituaries are all equal but dead,
They can never speak up about our need to change and get ahead,
They may have suffered for years with some painful dreadful disease,
The silence of no-assisted-suicide and no need to appease.

Charter rights for assisted-suicide types, do not exist,
But tension between collective and societal interests persist,
The executive elites tend to avoid euthanasia stuff,
They want no changes in the Charter of Rights and thatís enough.

It might be against someoneís religious freedom if we should win,
Because suicide you see is a terrible mortal sin,
Therefore those opposed to euthanasia say they have god on side,
The Supreme Court may eventually understand and decide.

Friday, November 30, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 02, 2007

Euthanasia 19


James Bredin

Human rights commissions pompously trying to pull the strings,
Hidden away in a room and no one knows which way they will swing,
They know that sooner or later we are all going to die,
But they are busy at the moment, looking up at the sky.

They say we canít reschedule our approaching time of death,
We have to wait patiently in pain till we take our last breath,
Not so for Oregons, the Dutch, the Belgians or the Swiss,
They donít have to die slowly in pain while they reminisce.

But assisted suicide here is considered a mortal sin,
Though if this could be changed it would then be win win,
But isolated politicians in Ottawa far away,
Travelling, taxing and spending and they sill say, ďNo way.Ē

Saturday, December 01, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 04, 2007

Euthanasia 20


James Bredin

The day will come soon enough when you will be face to face with death,
Could be tomorrow or fifty years from now when you take your last breath,
ďThereís little we can do for you but weíll try to control the pain,Ē
The doctor may say but youíre captured by then and you canít complain.

Heís not allowed to assist you in your suicide attempt,
The elites, the cops and lawyers would look on with contempt,
And then put him in jail and take his doctors licence away,
Because weíre not allowed euthanasia so we canít go astray.

Assisted suicide barely registers on our political scene,
Like abortion and same-sex marriage before they came on the scene,
But times are changing as we all come closer to the abyss,
But not the Dutch, the Belgians, the Oregons or the Swiss.

Monday, December 3, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 05, 2007

Euthanasia 21


James Bredin

Apathetic Canadians canít have assisted suicide,
Because death and political correctness would surely collide,
Thereís no one marching in the streets yet for the right to die,
Merely to reschedule the time they might have to say goodbye,

I donít think itís so much Canadians as their politicians,
Because theyíre bogged down in scandals and age-old traditions,
Whoever thought that abortion and same-sex marriage would win?
Because like euthanasia, they too were once a mortal sin.

Canadians want euthanasia but their politicians refuse,
There was a time when Canadians were even forbidden booze,
But without binding referendums and recall itís all uphill,
We need assisted suicide because time does not stand still.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 06, 2007

Euthanasia 22


James Bredin

We should have the right to die with dignity and decorum,
This should not be a question for politicians in some forum,
We should have fundamental Charter rights to end our lives,
And not have to wait in pain and horror until death arrives.

Who should decide whether your life is worth living or not?
Should it be the officials or the cops or yourself or what?
Is euthanasia considered mercy or murder where you live?
Or is it a low down mortal sin that maybe god will forgive?

Will they let you turn off the device so you can die in peace?
Get euthanasia and not have to worry about the police,
Or are we stuck in the sludge of religious discrimination?
As we approach our inevitable death by frustration.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 08, 2007

Euthanasia 23


James Bredin

Why am I denied the right to decide when Iím going to die?
Therefore they deny me the right to schedule my last goodbye,
Assisted suicide and euthanasia is a subject that they scorn,
Perhaps politicians think, they wont die in pain or be mourned.

I just hope I donít come down with some dreadful disease,
Begging for mercy or assisted suicide down on one knee,
Where referendums, recall and euthanasia are forbidden,
Manipulating politicians who ensure it stays hidden.

Canadian politicians strongly oppose any change,
They want to maintain the status quo and thatís not so strange,
The organized zealots in Ottawa are so proud of their schemes,
They do not want to hear the dying or their muffled screams.

Friday, December 7, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 11, 2007

Euthanasia 24


James Bredin

We donít know why or when or where we will eventually die,
Itís not politically correct, not in the Charter and why,
ďNo assisted suicide will be tolerated,Ē they taunt,
This is what the religious elitist political folks want.

They also believe that they will never-never die in pain,
If they do, they might go to Switzerland and not complain,
Because they have access to assisted suicide over there,
Then they can avoid that dying in drawn-out painful prayer.

Because dying with dignity in Canada is not allowed,
Therefore you could suffer in great pain before youíre under a shroud.
Without binding referendums or political recall,
Canadians are so legally submissive that we crawl.
Saturday, December 8, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 11, 2007

Euthanasia 25


James Bredin

If you are old and sick and have to endure horrendous pain,
With death approaching fast and little or no time to complain,
Politicians donít care because they have power to endure,
Without referendums or political recall they feel secure.

They will do anything to maintain the status quo and remain,
They couldnít care less about your excruciating pain,
Euthanasia or assisted suicide is not on their agenda,
Because politicians tend to believe their own propaganda.

We are merely mobile figures in the passage of time,
While they are busy appointing friends who are soft on crime,
They allowed abortion clinics and lots of same sex marriage stuff,
Never occurred to them that dying in pain could be awful rough.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 12, 2007

Euthanasia 26


James Bredin

They have dying-with-dignity meetings all over the globe,
Trying to find the answers, trying to investigate or probe,
My dogs and cats have more rights to euthanasia than me,
Why donít we have these same rights and why should we have to plea?

With all our Charter rights and we still canít control our destiny,
With no referendums as we consider our ignominy,
With no political recall, no influence and canít ask,
Our politicians are too busy behind their party mask.

Assisted suicide canít be discussed -- not on their agenda,
Theyíre busy as you can see with other party propaganda,
But the rights to die and property were left off Trudeauís Charter,
It just shows that his Charter may have been a complete non starter.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 13, 2007

Euthanasia 27


James Bredin

You may eventually be caught in pain, running out of time,
Unfortunately it is in all our futures so no need to whine,
But we could avoid a lot of this with assisted suicide,
Or maybe self administered euthanasia if we decide.

I know the priests, ministers, rabbis and imams say no,
But we got abortion clinics and same-sex marriage, bro,
So why canít we the people decide when and if we die?
Is it the state, religion, activist groups and if so, why?

Without referendums, our politicians couldnít care less,
Without political recall we may have to die in distress,
Because we have no influence over our future events,
They have an agenda and weíre not part of its contents.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


reply by: kilkee on Dec 15, 2007

Euthanasia 28


James Bredin

Those who suffer in an intolerable condition,
An incurable disease that is sure to stop all ambition,
Plus, theyíre not allowed to use euthanasia or suicide,
Because itís illegal and forbidden in this countryside.

Their quality of life is not in Trudeauís Charter of Rights,
Politicians are busyÖ off travelling enjoying the sights,
You are forbidden by law to lie there and plan your own death,
While you agonizingly approach your own very last breath.

Without binding referendums or recall we maybe doomed,
Submissive and silent as our politicians have assumed,
They allowed same-sex marriage and abortion clinics all around,
But no legal prostitution, grass or euthanasia in town.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 16, 2007

Euthanasia 29


James Bredin

Donít you dare delay their political dynasty, my friend,
Or they just may think of you as upstart who has gone Ďround the bend.
They say we canít have referendums or recall and lots more,
Nor can we have assisted suicide when going out the door.

They know of course that eventually even their lives will end,
But their status quo will remain the same and it wonít even bend,
So if you come down with some dreadful painful awful disease,
Too bad, no fuss, just fly to Switzerland if you please.

Because Holland, Belgium and Switzerland have assisted suicide,
They may help with euthanasia if you obey, pay and decide,
And our politicians are busy in committee meeting.
No questions at the moment please because they are busy eating.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 17, 2007

Euthanasia 30


James Bredin

Not too many old Canadians really die of old age,
Itís usually some nasty agonizing disease at that stage,
Sometimes itís slow and painful though horribly silent too,
These events are in your future and thereís nothing you can do.

You are forbidden to think of rearranging these affairs,
Maybe slip away in silence with someone who really cares,
There are among the signs that we need to change with the times,
Dead prostitutes, grass, euthanasia are among these signs.

Churches, synagogues and mosques want you to believe what they say,
Behave yourself and donít think outside the norm in any way,
Euthanasia and assisted suicide are a no-no,
You have to suffer in horrible pain till itís your time to go.

Monday, December 17, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 19, 2007

Euthanasia 31


James Bredin

To think outside the box back then was definitely not allowed,
Could have been burned at the stake by the Inquisition crowd,
Though nowadays they shout about our so called Charter rights,
Theyíd prefer if we would just shut up and turn out the lights.

Because their status quo is extremely important to them,
No assisted suicide, referendums, recall and you canít condemn,
Street sex workers may be victims but no one will change a thing,
No cat houses and no euthanasia though events may sting.

You too could be the one trapped in the throbbing tunnel towards death,
Some painful disease with no escape as you approach your last breath,
And they could change the rules but unfortunately they say they canít,
In the meantime, suffer and listen to their status quo rant.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 19, 2007

Euthanasia 31


James Bredin

To think outside the box back then was definitely not allowed,
Could have been burned at the stake by the Inquisition crowd,
Though nowadays they shout about our so called Charter rights,
Theyíd prefer if we would just shut up and turn out the lights.

Because their status quo is extremely important to them,
No assisted suicide, referendums, recall and you canít condemn,
Street sex workers may be victims but no one will change a thing,
No cat houses and no euthanasia though events may sting.

You too could be the one trapped in the throbbing tunnel towards death,
Some painful disease with no escape as you approach your last breath,
And they could change the rules but unfortunately they say they canít,
In the meantime, suffer and listen to their status quo rant.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 20, 2007

Euthanasia 32


James Bredin

Will you be one of those trapped in the long dark tunnel to death?
Approaching the unknown in great pain and suffering to your last breath,
Forbidden assisted suicide, euthanasia and no recall,
Though they have allowed abortion clinics in every second mall.

Should the end of your life rest in yours or someone elseís hands?
Or should you have to die with dignity in some far foreign land?
To avoid excruciating pain and suffering in your old age,
And get euthanasia or assisted suicide in a quiet rage.

They will not discuss changes to laws for those dying in pain,
Ironic too that those dying donít have much time to complain,
While freedom of choice is allowed for abortion seeking ladies,
Where they snuff out the life of tiny fetus unborn babies.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 21, 2007

Euthanasia 33


James Bredin

Rules made in Ottawa beamed at us from very far away,
Without referendums, political recall and nothing to say,
No assisted suicide from those talking heads over there,
But we have Charter Rights they say and should not feel despair.

Euthanasia is banned too and will never be allowed,
Plus they think theyíre so righteous, this political crowd,
But one by one theyíll realize as they get closer to their death,
Why Sue Rodriguez begged the Supreme Court for mercy on her last breath.

Eventually they will recognize that sickness and death will come,
Iím not a prophet so there is no need for them to feel glum,
But the sickness before they die could also bring great pain,
They could make legal changes now and not be so vain

Thursday, December 20, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 24, 2007

Euthanasia 34


James Bredin

You know of course that you are quietly approaching your death,
Where you will eventually, maybe in pain, take one last breath,
Then itís onto heaven or hell or just a place in the grave yard,
To even contemplate this, I know, is difficult, sad and hard.

Canadian politicians say we all have Charter rights,
But no rights to property or euthanasia they then write,
And that ďPeaceful Pill HandbookĒ may have been burned, banished and banned,
Never ever mentioned in the media to curtail demand.

That means no assisted suicide for you on your death bed,
No referendums, no recall and democracy may be dead,
They say end of life issues cannot be altered softened or changed,
Egotistical politicians have been known to be deranged.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 26, 2007

Euthanasia 35


James Bredin

For some religious reason, euthanasia has been banned,
By politicians who donít know or seem to understand,
That itís only a matter of a little time and weíll all be dead,
We have no choice in the schedule of these events, God said.

Is it so difficult to realize that weíre just passing through?
This life is short and if we have the time, we might say adieu,
While our politicians emphasise that we have Charter Rights,
For criminals and judicial appointees soft-on-crime delights.

You canít go without catching some bad disease before you die,
Some horrible, painful disgusting thing before you say good bye,
Unless of course, we have euthanasia to take a short cut,
And not have to die deep in pain down in a depressed rut.

Monday, December 24, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 27, 2007

Euthanasia 36


James Bredin

No referendums, political recall or hooker protection,
Vancouver street sex workers didnít get much affection,
Twenty six missing and murdered and no one seemed to even care,
Swept under the rug for years, this distressed shameful affair.

Ladies went missing one after another into the night,
No one cared, no security at no street-walker site,
So letís legalize cat houses so their safety is assured,
Change prostitution rules so their rights and lives are secured.

Put prostitution and euthanasia on political agenda,
And not listen to our pumped up media propaganda,
No soft sentences handed down by appointees one more time,
Emphasising Charter Rights but not pain, murder or crime.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


reply by: kilkee on Dec 28, 2007

Euthanasia 37


James Bredin

A peaceful quiet death should be proclaimed as every personís right,
To avoid excruciating pain and fright at the end of their life,
Terminally ill people should have rights to life and an easy death,
To help them out as they approach their very last and final breath.

And why canít we change things and why is euthanasia banned?
Why no referendums or recall where death canít be planned?
But the priests, ministers, rabbis and imams like it this way.
Itís part of their religious teaching and they want it to stay.

And you are a nobody and not allowed to have your say,
Politicians know that your are a nobody with feet of clay,
Canadian media controlled down to the last letter,
Have faith in the system they say and things may get better.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


reply by: kilkee on Dec 29, 2007

Euthanasia 38


James Bredin

You probably seldom contemplate the end of your life,
Could be an extremely sad sickly and painful strife,
Thereís no easy way out because assisted suicide is banned,
And you canít change the laws, ask questions or even raise our hand.

This is a subject that is liable to cause confusion,
Power to the people is just a political illusion,
Because we have no power in this future that we canít avoid,
Its party politics they say so thereís no need to be annoyed.

We need referendums, political recall in these events,
Because the party folk that we elect do not represent,
Their hidden party agenda is much more important than us,
We are like silent nerds or nobodies just sitting on a bus.

Friday, December 28, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 30, 2007

Euthanasia 39


James Bredin

They claim we all have Charter Rights except in the way we die,
So we donít have Charter Rights then and no one knows why,
And things canít be changed or assisted suicide allowed,
No referendums or recall from any political crowd.

Assisted suicide is never discussed in mainstream media,
Itís doubtful if it is listed in the encyclopaedia,
Because political party hidden agendas is where weíre going,
No referendums and no recall and no way of knowing.

Pompous politicians and pious priests will all nod their heads,
All in league with appointed officials and soft-on-crime feds,
Ottawaís close connection to the status quo is nailed down,
And no questions please because at the moment theyíre all out of town.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Dec 31, 2007

Euthanasia 40


James Bredin

Some people are tormented about dying in pain alone,
From a strange dreadful agonizing painful disease of the bone,
These people sometimes suffer great pain for years before they die,
Some doctors say that all pain can be controlled but they lie.

They worry about their controversial Hippocratic Oath,
As they watch some poor soul being choked by a cancerous growth,
They can drug the pain till his/her brain is a vegetative state,
So much for the quality of life and itís already too late.

Because dying with dignity in Canada is not allowed,
Politicians wonít listen to the pro euthanasia crowd,
No referendums or recall because politicians know it all,
They claim we have Charter Rights but still they continue to stall.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

reply by: kilkee on Jan 02, 2008

Euthanasia 41


James Bredin

This poem is not about pride, pain control or palliative care,
Being a burden to others or flying on a wing and a prayer,
Itís about the meaning of democracy for people at large,
Not hidden agenda dictatorship by someone from afar.

We have freedom of choice, religion, culture but not when to die,
You may wonder why this is but donít even bother to ask why,
They pay for the secret polls and know Canadians want change,
But weíre stuck in the status quo and they refuse to rearrange,

As they publish statistics in their favour every time,
And their judicial appointees tend to be always soft on crime,
They want to delay, study and analyze reports but then stall,
No referendums, recall and theyíre all having a ball.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 04, 2008

Euthanasia 42


James Bredin

The religious cults of the status quo want nothing to change,
They claim that folk who want assisted suicide may be deranged,
The priests, pastors, rabbis, imams, and all those who like to preach,
Want euthanasia forbidden as they say in their pompous speech.

With their studies and statistics they demand it should be banned,
Then they want an obedient population under their command,
And Canadians with Charter Rights should show them more respect,
And assisted suicide policies will be barred as they direct.

Itís just that youíre not allowed to arrange the timing of your death,
You will have to wait obediently till you take your last breath,
Because the doctors say they now can control all the pain,
So this should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 05, 2008

Euthanasia 43


James Bredin

Why should we be so subservient and never kick up a fuss?
Should we have referendums or recall or maybe discuss?
And why should the idea of assisted suicide be demonized?
And religious naysayers act as though they were canonized.

As they denounce euthanasia as the easy way out,
It should be forbidden they say and no one in any doubt,
Or itís off to hell for those who would commit this mortal sin,
Their souls banished to burn for all eternity with their kin.

Is it because they had their way for all these centuries?
And now they want those who require change in penitentiaries?
They say you canít reverse the tide and no one dies from old age,
Trapped by religious Charter-Rights fanatics at every stage.

reply by: kilkee on Jan 07, 2008

Euthanasia 44


James Bredin

Iím trying to help you out with your future big decision,
The upcoming timing of your death with some precision,
Because itís going to happen whether you like it or not,
Though you could roll over back to sleep and say you forgot.

Assisted suicide or euthanasia may be your answer,
If you are involved in great pain when they tell you ďcancerĒ,
The question is; will you die in great throbbing pain and sorrow,
Or dodge the painful bullet coming soon at you like an arrow.

Itís the combination of drugs, pain and your approaching death,
Its politics and religion and expectations never met,
Itís the unknown schedule of events coming down the pipe,
Despite how they lie in their pompous propaganda hype.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 08, 2008

Euthanasia 45


James Bredin

Vast political conspiracy to maintain the status quo,
Well financed with lots of activist plus religious dough,
Claim that they want to promote much better palliative care,
Organizations of righteous individuals they swear.

These human rights, healthcare and faith-based organizations,
Some financed by secular and government foundations,
And they are concerned, they say, that many laws will change,
Euthanasia and assisted suicide should not rearrange.

Their system of no referendums must stay on the books,
And they want no political recall, these righteous crooks,
Euthanasia changes canít be allowed and should be forbidden,
These sinful programs should be illegal, banned and hidden.

Monday, January 07, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 09, 2008

Euthanasia 46


James Bredin

Their decision made the unborn-baby-holocaust legal,
Dressed up in their long red gowns to the ground looking quite regal,
Political appointees to the Supreme Court decided,
To legalize abortion clinics and all that they provided.

Where assisted suicide and euthanasia is banned,
Though useless politicians think killing babies is grand,
Where referendums and political recalls are forbidden,
Where constant wrong decisions are completely hidden.

Human wrongs pompously declared as feminist rights if you please,
Announced by judicial appointees who seem to need to appease,
Inclined to forbid assisted suicide as having gone astray,
As ALS Sue Rodriguez said, ďWhose life is it anyway?Ē

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


reply by: kilkee on Jan 13, 2008

Euthanasia 48


James Bredin

Theyíve now decided they want to help those who are about to die,
The churches, the synagogues and the mosques opposed to suicide,
Goody-two-shoe types who insist that drugs can ease the pain,
Stop euthanasia and assisted suicide and no one will complain.

Politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and the others agree,
The status quo will have to stay as far as they can see,
Referendums and recall are definitely shut out,
And no one absolutely no one is allowed to have a doubt.

So this issue will have to be completely forgotten,
With edicts that euthanasia and assisted suicide are rotten,
And people will have to obey and stop thinking about this,
Not like those with referendums or democracy or the Swiss.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 14, 2008

Canadian Human Rights Commissions


James Bredin

The Human Rights Commission guys point their big long fingers,
And may scream racism, sexism, homophobia and stinkers,
And the accused is guilty until proven innocent of sin,
Have we all gone mad in this place where no one can win?

The reverse onus is the modus operandi that they use,
God forbid that you should be the one that they point at and accuse,
As some minority activist with civil rights lawyers in tow,
Point the long lanky finger at you, the accused, with no dough.

And truth is no defense at these Stalinist Human Rights trials,
While tax funded commissioner lawyers look through their files,
Gauntlet of political correctness gone completely mad,
Where free speech may be trumped by false accusations, so sad.

Monday, January 14, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 16, 2008

Euthanasia 49


James Bredin

And seniors on their death beds can now be all assured,
Our politicians have made a new announcement Ė they canít be cured,
And our politicians would never-never-never lie,
You cannot change your exit timing or schedule, so good bye.

Because seniors never vote as a group so they donít get support,
Politicians see no need because seniorsí time is getting short,
So seniors are now relegated down way below second class,
Because they may not be alive at the next election, alas.

And if they had euthanasia or assisted suicide they might go now,
And there is no way on earth our politicians will allow,
No referendums, recall and they can suffer all the pain,
Politicians talk and talk but donít ask them to explain.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 19, 2008

At-Risk Youth 3


James Bredin

The unwed mothers of the ghetto want more welfare money,
Their politicians are concerned and do not think this is funny,
There is no need for fathers or husbands in the ghetto culture,
Their presence could eat into the welfare checks like a vulture.

That means fatherless sons growing up who donít care a hang,
Eventually thousands wear the bright colors of the local gang,
But itís not politically correct to even mention this,
As out society is slowly headed more towards the abyss.

So almost nightly nowadays someone gets shot downtown too,
And left wing politicians havenít got a clue what to do,
They say that legal aid and the soft-on-crime system is great,
Judicial appointees love it too and allow no debate.

Friday, January 18, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 20, 2008

At-Risk Youth 4


James Bredin

Minimum-maximum sentences are not talked about in court,
ďWill those claiming Charter Rights please stand up and report?Ē
Where criminal rights are more important than justice and peace,
Where random bullets, day or night, meant so much to the deceased.

Where soft left wing political correctness rules the day,
And thousands of pompous legal-aid lawyers all have their say,
Where individualism and recall are not condoned,
Where binding referendums are not even allowed or postponed.

Where most of those doing the shooting are already out on bail,
Where the media, politicians and judges hide these details,
There has to be something wrong and they canít figure it out,
They canít read the graffiti or realize what itís all about.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 21, 2008

At risk of random bullets


James Bredin

Canadian courts and judges like a publication ban,
They donít like being published so they do it when they can,
To maintain order, isolation and keep the public out,
Because soft-on-crime decisions could bring in lots of doubt.

With no minimum sentence for guns and gangs, they tend to walk,
While politicians appoint more judges and talk the talk,
Many criminals have minority Charter Rights and legal aid,
Everything being politically correct so they have it made.

While soft-on-crime politicians are worried about at-risk youth,
Theyíd sell their souls for a vote, then sell you and me to boot,
Forbidden binding referendums will never be in style,
Men have been killed by random bullets on Toronto streets meanwhile.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Jan 24, 2008

Human Rights Commissions 3


James Bredin

Random bullets in downtown Toronto could cause your demise,
Your sudden death from a passing bullet could be a big surprise,
And those who do the shooting could claim all their Charter Rights,
To soft-on-crime judges and legal-aid lawyersí delights.

And they wonder why Canadians might be confused when they vote,
Charter of Rights for criminals that was pushed down our throats,
No referendums, political recall or anything like that,
Where Human Rights Commissions pointing fingers are up to bat.

Could a country go Stalinist because of Human Rights?
In a spasm of quasi judiciary organization delights,
Where freedom of speech is forever Commission controlled,
Where you better shut up, bow low and do what youíre told.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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