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Abortion clinic again
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by: kilkee on Jan 28, 2008

The New Auschwitz holocaust of silence


James Bredin

They kill babies in womenís wombs by the hundreds every day,
Unborn life cannot compete with feministsí fashions on display,
They said itís all about the Charter Rights of the mothers involved,
Supreme Court forgot the unborn babies to be killed and dissolved.

Clinic has a holocaust of babies to be killed on their dockets,
Paid for by public money out of your overtaxed pockets,
Sure signs of a mentally ill Auschwitz type killing ground,
With organized conspiracy of feminist silence all around.

Where pro-life literature is mostly disregarded or banned,
And vulnerable unborn babies killed and burned on demand,
Where the clinic crematorium smoke reaches up to the sky,
Like those in Auschwitz, theyíre never buried or heard to cry.

Monday, January 28, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Feb 01, 2008

Second Auschwitz holocaust of silence


James Bredin

No need for a fancy little coffin and no need for a cross,
We disappear in crematorium smoke and weíre no loss,
They cut us out of womenís wombs and kill us on the spot,
And you pay for this debauchery whether you like it or not.

Holocaust of baby slaughter has gone on for twenty years,
While Canadian society with lots of laughs and leers,
It happened to Jews in Auschwitz more than sixty years ago,
Itís unborn babies now though we pretend we do not know.

Itís a blatant indication that weíre caught in this trap,
No binding referendums and feminists couldnít give a crap,
No need to bother with a baby if the baby is dead and gone,
Revolving door of the abortion clinic as they sometimes yawn.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Feb 07, 2008

Abortion 2


James Bredin

Why should my taxes pay for that teenaged girlís abortion?
Is this the symptom of a country gone berserk in contortion?
As they murder unborn babies by the hundreds at their clinic,
And no one mentions murder, killing, death or is even a cynic.

Why is this holocaust by the abortionists, tax funded?
And why do we the people accept this and not be offended?
Why is it that no one is bothered to ask, why donít they pay?
Abortions for free and their babies are dead and will never play.

Why canít we have a referendum on this life and death issue?
Why do they call the dead baby, a pregnancy tissue?
Feminist conspiracy to allow these ladies to abort,
All the way up to split decision at the appointed Supreme Court.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Feb 09, 2008

Abortion 3


James Bredin

The feminists and the imams will eventually disagree,
As the numbers adjust and we the small minority you see,
Because polygamous Islamic women have babies that play,
And they never visit the abortion clinics in any way.

Indeed they look at the abortion clinic with a certain scorn,
Therefore their many babies are not aborted before they are born,
Whereas we pretend we donít know the holocaust of baby death,
Where babies are killed before they even breathe their first breath.

Enlightened decisions from appointed Supreme Court lofty heights,
Plus the courtroom spins on Trudeauís sacred Charter of Rights,
Then add dumb and numb politically correct politicians,
With a hidden feminist agenda plus their conditions.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

reply by: kilkee on Feb 10, 2008

Abortion 4


James Bredin

Polygamy they say is coming to a place near you,
Politically correct politicians thought this one through,
Left wing feminists may not agree with all these changes,
Just another thing that Trudeauís Charter of Rights arranges.

And because polygamy is illegal, women claim theyíre not wed,
Just more unwed welfare mothers that need to be paid and well fed,
Forget religion, Criminal Code and judges who decriminalize,
Letís sit back and see if Ottawa will ever give us a surprise.

Because our relative numbers will dramatically change,
It was Supreme Court decision, so abortion clinics arranged,
Polygamists donít go to the clinic and their numbers increase,
But our holocaust of dead babies will cause ours to decrease?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

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