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Reasons Trudeau Was Awesome
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by: Rob on Jul 06, 2006

Ok, he increased Canada's debt eleven-fold, was the father of Western Alienation (NEP, "Why should I sell your wheat, etc), and almost pissed off Quebec to point where it left the country, but he is still regularly voted as our best prime minister. Why? Well partly because all our other prime ministers pretty much sucked, but there are other reasons why Trudeau was awesome.

10. During practically every election we would watch Trudeau ridicule his opponents' platforms, and, after winning, immediately institute those exact same plans. He did it with Stanfield's Wage and Price Controls, and Joe Clark's gas tax. Don't hate the player, hate the game!

9. He rocked out with John Lennon! Ok it was anti-nuclear pro-peace, but still, that's cool.

8. Remember when separatists threw bottles and rocks at him during the Saint Jean Baptiste Day parade? Everyone else is running for cover, but our man didn't even FLINCH. Of course, he's lucky that separatists throw like girls or he couldn't have been hurt.

7. Don't forget he was the dude that legalized homosexuality, and said "The government has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." That's right, homosexuality was actually illegal until Trudeau stepped in. Now there aren't even any more rights for them to fight for, except which words they can use.

6. Trudeau had a total potty mouth. Remember how he used to drop the F-bomb and then later claimed he said "Fuddle duddle"? Seriously, how many prime ministers unashamedly waved the bird from a train leaving Salmon Arm (or anywhere else)?

5. Quick: list all the world leaders who have openly mocked Queen Elizabeth II? Your complete list has but one name: the man who did a pirouette behind her back when she wasn't looking. BURN!

4. The man threw a snowball at a statue of Stalin when he was in Moscow. This was in the middle of the Cold War, when they had the KGB and they took that stuff seriously. They've sent in tanks and wiped out small villages in Hungary for lesser transgressions.

3. We all loved the way he would piss off the US (and NATO) for absolutely no reason at all. I don't think he even liked Castro, but he acted like they were homies every time a reporter was nearby. He was also the first Western leader to get tight with communist China. Nixon was choked! Sure, practically every Canadian leader takes pride in pissing off the US for no reason, but Trudeau was the only one to actually get banned from going there.

2. DUDE SENT TANKS INTO QUEBEC. That was awesome. Trudeau was always putting the boots to Quebec. Don't you remember the FLQ? Reporter asked him if he was going to invoke the "War Measures Act" which takes away all rights of suspected terrorists - and this was 30 years before Bush made it the hip thing to do. What was his answer? "Just watch me." And then the dude totally sent in tanks. Awesome!

1. Ok, he may have been the biggest and most hilarious jerk ever, but he did do one really awesome thing. He loved federalism and, even though it totally backfired, he did try to make us one, united country. If it weren't for him, who knows if we would have re-patriated the constitution and added the Charter of rights and freedoms. Seriously, give the man his props for that.

Where would we be without Trudeau? Sure we'd probably be debt-free, but we wouldn't have these awesome memories.

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