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User Profile - Rob

User Name : Rob
Real Name : Rob Vollman
Blog : none
Website : http://vollman.blogspot.com
Gender : Male
Location : Calgary/Alberta Canada
Joined : Nov 21, 2005
Last Seen : Dec 05, 2008
Birthday : Aug 19, 1975
Status : Member
Occupation : Database Application Specialist
Messages : 0 unread

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Political Quiz Results
How do you compare? You can take these tests and enter your results so that others can see how you rank on the political scale.
The Political Compass Test Economic Left/Right - -0.63
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian - -2.05
OkCupid Political Test Social Permissive - 66%
Economically Permissive - 61%
Best Described - Libertarian
The Politcal Gauge Non-Fiscal Issues - Centrist 48
Fiscal Issues - Centrist 42
Party Matchmaking Top Match - Libertarian 85%
2nd Best Match - Constitution 69%
3rd Best Match - Republican 62%
4th Best Match - Democratic 38%
Moral Politics Test Moral Order - -1
Moral Rules - 1.5
System - Socialism
Variation - Moderate Socialism
Ideologies - Social Democratism
US Party - No Match.
President - Jimmy Carter (85.18%)
Where do you Fit? Typology Group - Upbeat
What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In? Top match - Anarchism 75%
2nd Best Match - Green 58%
3rd Best Match - Republican 58%
Where are you in the Spectrum? Score - 9 - You
Political Quiz Score (0=Liberal, 40=Conservative) - 24
World's Smallest Political Quiz Position - Centrist

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